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Based in Nashville, TN, Sail On plays the music of The Beach Boys. Performing all of the classic hits, plus some treasures from the brilliant extended catalog, Sail On faithfully recreates the soundtrack to an Endless Summer, live and in rich detail.

The timeless songs of surfing, cruising, dancing and dreaming are brought to life for all ages and anybody that wants to have Fun, Fun, Fun. Sing, clap, and move along to the irresistible beats and unforgettable tunes, or sit back and drift along on the sunny harmonies. There’s something for every music lover in the transcendent catalog of The Beach Boys and Sail On keeps the Good Vibrations going for everyone that wants to join in.


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2021 Show Schedule

Venice, FL

October 13th | 7:00pm

Venice Community Center

Lake Placid, FL

October 14th | 7:00pm

Genesis Center

Palm Beach Gardens, FL

October 15th | 7:00pm

Eissey Campus Theatre

Sarasota, FL

October 16th | 7:00pm

Riverview Perf. Arts Center

Punta Gorda, FL

October 17th | 7:00pm

Charlotte Harbor Event & Conf. Center

Charlotte Harbor Event and Conference Center

Eissey Campus Theatre

Genesis Center

Venice Community Center

Riverview Perf. Arts Center

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