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Journey through Rock ‘n’ Roll

Saturday, September 30, 2017

The William H. Wakeman, III Cultural Center Theatre

2280 Aaron St., Port Charlotte, FL 33952

Take a journey through the History of Rock ‘n’ Roll on September 30, 2017 with the music of Elvis, Rod Stewart, The Beatles and many more! This show is yours to enjoy. Come experience the artistic styling of singer/songwriter, Robert Garcia.


“When I was just a kid in 1972, I heard Deep Purple’s ‘Smoke On The Water’ for the first time, and my world stood still for five minutes and forty-one seconds.  I knew right then and there I wanted to play guitar.” 

From the very moment, an adolescent Robert Garcia picked up his first guitar, he’s been making people grin, clap and join in. But there’s even more to his music than the Seventies-based, cover gigs, that have made him popular up and down the East Coast.

Born in Staten Island, Rob discovered by 8th grade how a good guitar and a great song could connect audiences with him, as well as with each other, creating a like minded community of friends, and fans.  When asked “what do you do for a living?” He consistently replies, “I help people forget about life for awhile”.

Mining the catalogs of bands and songwriters he loved, including The Beatles, David Bowie, The Stones , and the Rod Stewart, Garcia adapted their hits to his 12-string acoustic guitar, and the audience reaction to the style was electric. “People know the words to all these songs, even if at first they think they don’t. That’s part of the magic of music.”

Rob’s visceral connection to his audience is strengthened by his “less is more” approach, which Garcia defines as, “just straight up, stripped down rock and roll.” When he’s not delighting audiences with Seventies cover hits, Rob works on his own new material in his newly-built recording studio. “The music that I write is about what I’ve observed. Love stories, discrimination, dreams that came true and dreams that didn’t.” Garcia is currently working on a collection of his original music aimed at deepening his connection with his fans, while introducing him to an entirely new and larger audience.  He categorizes the style as “Modern Seventies”

“The exchange of music between people can be a very sacred thing,” observes Garcia. “Music moves people, it moves emotions in people. I’ve seen people break down and cry because I performed a song that reminded them of someone they lost, and I’ve seen people spontaneously kiss because I played ‘their song.’ To me, music is the closest thing to magic that there is on earth.”

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