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A Tribute to Sir Elton John

Presented by Tokyo Joe Productions   

When many people think of Elton John, they immediately think of his trademark sunglasses and outrageous costumes. However, anyone who has seen a live Elton John performance knows that it has always been first and foremost about the music.

A Tribute to Sir Elton John – Presented by Tokyo Joe Productions conforms to the model of a real Elton John concert. While going to great lengths to wear costumes that are exact replicas of those worn by Elton himself, and to entertain visually with state-of-the-art lighting, this show is ultimately about the songs that are like a soundtrack to the lives of so many people.

Performed by the Columbia, SC based rock quartet, Tokyo Joe, this show is sure to leave every Elton John fan feeling as though they have experienced a tribute performance worthy of the original.

Featuring Charlie Morgan on drums who played with Elton John for over a decade, anyone who loves Elton John and his music will love this show!

Show Schedule

Punta Gorda, FL

February 25th | 7:00pm

Charlotte Harbor Event & Conf. Center 

Venice, FL

February 26th | 7:00pm

Venice Community Center

Lake Placid, FL

February 27th | 7:00pm

Genesis Center

Sarasota, FL

February 28th | 7:00pm

Riverview Performing Arts Center

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