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Robert Holifield Band: 

Holifield is known for his acting, 70’s Funk, 80’s Hip Hop, 90’s Pop Soul, and Millennium Gospel. He has a distinct Rhythm & Blues style even with his gospel material. His cover songs are done with finesse and perfection, sounding like the original artists.  

Rusty Wright Band: 

Wright and his terrific band tap into the muse and spirit of the classic Southern blues rock bands to deliver a highly entertaining fusing of Texas and Chicago style blues and swing, spiced with a pinch or two of Southern rock, and delivered with just the right amount of Detroit swagger. 

Story Tellers:

Three guitars, and three voices. All of the music being some of the most recognizable in each genre. Robert Garcia “Rock”, Paul Crotty doing “Folk”, and Red Griffin doing “Country”. All acoustic, and stripped down to the bare elements. The best of Johnny Cash,(country) Rolling Stones,( Rock) John Denver ( folk) and the like, and many more!

Paisley Craze:

Join Paisley Craze as they play tribute to the music that changed the world! This ultimate Baby Boomer dream band features hits from The Beatles, Rolling Stones, The Animals, Beach Boys, Monkees, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Franklin, and more! 


Robert Holifield Band

October 12th | 7:00pm

Rusty Wright Band

October 26th | 7:00pm

Story Tellers

November 9th | 7:00pm

Paisley Craze

November 23th | 7:00pm


Additional dates are being added.

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